Red Sox-Yankees Still Has It

The following was written May 1st, long before A Rod’s retirement. Keep that in mind as you read this. Enjoy.

Friday night I went to Sox-Yankees at Fenway and it was the way it’s supposed to be. That rivalry isn’t close to what it used to be and the mystique of Fenway has kinda eroded over the past few years because the team has been horrific and the beers cost $10. On the right night, though, you can excuse all that and just appreciate how special that place is and how much fun a Yankees-Sox game can be, even if it’s not October.


I had to use a family friend’s special resale code to even buy tickets to this one, and I only get to Fenway maybe once a year these days so I figured I’d do it big. I used the “best available seats” feature and wound up in Loge section 130, row AA. It’s straight back from the plate, just behind the first section of seats and the lower-level walkway, in the front row of the section. They were $140 each and absolutely worth every penny. Look at this:


Yep, that’ll work. 


Fenway was absolutely packed for this one, with more Yankee fans than usual. That those people didn’t fear for their physical safety was a strong sign that the mid 2000’s are long gone. My buddy Chris came with me, and the guy sitting next to us came from San Antonio to see Fenway for the first time. He picked a perfect night and was totally blown away by the place even though it’s old and sorta dirty. At one point he disappeared for multiple innings and came back with a signed Dustin Pedroia poster. I’ve never seen someone prouder of an impulse purchase. You’d think he’d bought a jet ski. A vendor selling clam chowder walked by and the proud new owner of the Pedroia poster asked me if the chowder at Fenway is any good. I told him I don’t trust stadium soup and I think it fundamentally changed the way he thinks about ballpark food. Don’t mind me, I’m just out here preventing people from making gross food decisions.

Oh and look how white Fenway is:

fenway white

It looks like a Trump rally in there. Also I found this in the bathroom and it brought a nice little smirk to my face:

fenway bathroom graffiti

The old gal’s still got it.


Some guy named Henry Owens was pitching for the Sox and gave up a gigantic blast to A Rod right over the monster in the second inning. As he came off the field, A Rod handed his bat to some little kids. That’s a weird move for a Yankee at Fenway, but A Rod’s a weird guy so I didn’t worry about it. Owens only gave up one more run, but Masahiro Tanaka was absolutely scorching guys and the Sox couldn’t get anything going. 

A few innings later, some lady walked by me holding a black baseball bat with two kids in tow. I didn’t get a good look at her, but I blurted out “Yo is that A-Rod’s?” She turned around and just so happened to be a traffic-stopping latin beauty. She smiled at me, and said “it sure is!” before disappearing with her kids. Never change, A Rod.

Tanaka got replaced by Dellin Betances in the 7th after Tanaka gave up a two run double to Jackie Bradley Jr., Pride of the Gamecocks, tying the game at 2. The very next inning, Ortiz mashed a two-run rocket over the monster to the same spot A Rod hit his blast. The place went bonkers and we got the first solid YANKEES SUCK chant in at least 5 years. It felt like 2004 all over again in there. That place was ON. Kimbrel came on in the 9th and struck out Brian McCann, who is the police, to end the game. Dirty Water, let’s go to the bar.

Also, it turns out Ortiz had promised a home run to a little kid with a heart defect:

David Ortiz is, was, and always will be the damn best. That game was so much fun.

Thank you for reading Went to That. Go to a game soon.