External Projects

As the blog has started to pick up, I’ve been fortunate to have a few opportunities to write for other sites. Below are links to my work outside of Went to That, which will be updated on a rolling basis.

To contact me for freelance work or other writing opportunities, or to give feedback, please follow this link or use the form below.

March 2016: Stadium Journey: Madison Square Garden: The Mecca of Basketball

February 2016: Stadium Journey: Fordham Basketball: Historic Hoops

December 2015: Stadium Journey Barclays Center: Basketball in the Dark

September 2015: Golf.com, My First Tour Stop: Walking the Grounds at The Barclays

August 2015: Stadium Journey, NYCFC: Soccer and the City

July 2015: Stadium Journey, Yankee Stadium: The House that Steinbrenner Built

April 2015: Stadium Journey, Wagner Baseball: Wait Til’ Summer

March 2015: Stadium Journey, Columbia Baseball: Robertson Field at Satow Stadium

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